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All Things Product & Retail for the Modern Shopper

A New Kind of Media Company

One that builds an audience for you.

SMACK is the brand marketing studio behind AISLE9™.
We help brands find, engage and build audiences of their own.

Instead of interruptive ad units,
we’ve developed innovative marketing programs
and products that help you grow your business.

Winning With The Modern Shopper

It used to be all about “moments of truth”
but now it is all about winning all day, every day
in the micro-moments that define the modern shopper’s life.

Digital Demo

Reach your shopper
with more than a message.
Win more moments all day long
with a Digital Demo.
We’ve delivered
significant sales lift

and engagement.

And we are just getting started.

What’s New?

Our New Item Program
lets your shoppers know.
about your new products.
There’s no faster, easier way
to build awareness.


Get a media kit or just get in touch.

Our Team

We have strategy, creative, production,
editorial, media and analytics
all under one roof.

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