SMACK Series: Build (And Keep) Your Audience

Hey there!

This post—the last in our introductory series—will tell you how we can get started building you an audience of your own. We’ve worked hard to make getting started simple. There are two primary programs that we run: one for brands who sell products via retail channels—both brick and clicks—and another program for anyone else looking to build an audience for their brand.

The Bricks & Clicks Program

We call it the digital demo. Think of it as the digital version of handing out samples of (or coupons for) your products in-store, only way more powerful.

Traditional demos are wasteful, hit-and-miss, expensive, anonymous, not measurable (not really) and so on. They give you a boost for a day or a week, but they usually fail to move the needle long-term.

Digital Demos solve the problems of traditional demos.

They are targeted, measurable, scalable, flexible and consistent. We can prove sales lift with them, and they can be in market within 4-6 weeks of a kick-off meeting. So, last minute is not a problem. And best of all, we can plus up their performance 2-5x with our marketing add-ons.

Audience Building

We think building an audience of your own is essential to success in marketing today. Brands who don’t have one will be constantly paying top dollar to an ever-increasing array of media companies (who do have an audience) in order to get their messages out. Yes, even if you have millions of Facebook fans and Twitter followers. Brands have discovered that those are media outlets, too. They just masquerade under the innocuous title of social media, so they don’t sound like traditional, but they are.

Our approach uses those platforms to build your audience; and once you have an audience of your own? Well, it is easier, more cost-effective, and quicker to get information to or about them. Wonder what they will think of a new product idea? Just ask. Need to tell them where to buy a new product? Just shoot off an email.

Not to say that all of this is easy, but we can get started easily. Here’s how:

  • Targeted Ads. We can simply start off by running targeted ad campaigns for you.
  • Email onboarding. Once this is tracking, we can add in email onboarding and various promotional cascades to drive more engagement and conversion.
  • On-going content. If you really want to plus-up your program (as in 5x the results), then we can build out content (articles, photography, video) on a regular (monthly, weekly, daily) cadence.
  • Omnichannel. We can build audience alone or we can point them to any channel online or instore in any geography where you do business.

We manage the entire program turnkey from idea to execution. And our learn-forward methodology is a fast, iterative system that gets going quickly and gets smarter, faster and better over time.

So, if you are a brand looking for a new way to connect and wanting to build an audience of your own, then let’s talk.

All the best…

CEO + CO-Founder