SMACK Series: Our Content POEM

Here it is, as promised. That next post. If you haven’t read our first post in this series, I recommend starting with the first post which you can find here.

In this blog, we are going to talk about how we use paid advertising and earned media (e.g. PR and social media) to build you an owned media property – aka. an audience of your own.

Content Is King

Have you heard the saying “content is king” before? There’s some debate about who said content is king first, Bill Gates or Google, but regardless, it’s in the ether, and it has become just about as misunderstood as “the medium is the message” was a decade before.

Content is king means that in our always-on, mobile-first world, that the people who make the best, most consistent content, will rule. For the most part, we agree—but with one little caveat. Who makes the king? Without a people, a king is just guy in a fancy house who seems a bit paranoid – what with the high walls and the moat and all.

If content is king, then eyeballs are God, because without an audience to read or listen or watch, you are producing for an audience of one – yourself. We see it all the time with corporate blogs from companies of all sizes – articles without readers. We even see it with some of the biggest news organizations in the world.

A few years ago, The New York Times had its digital innovation report leaked, and one of the biggest insights they found was how bad they were at getting people to read and share their content online. Buzzfeed told them they were getting more traffic off of NYT articles than the Times was getting for themselves. How is that possible? Buzzfeed understands that eyeballs are God. The goal is an audience, not just a library of content. You need both.

Building Your POEM

POEM is an acronym for paid, owned and earned media. It’s been around for a while, but it’s amazing both how relevant it still is and how few companies build their strategies from it. It is the core of how we go about building your an audience of your own. Owned media is our focus – more specifically, how to build your owned media properties so that you have an audience you can tell your story and sell your products.

We used paid media (i.e. targeted digital advertising) to find your audience and hook them with great content. We also distribute this great content through earned media channels. Earned media is a fancy way of saying PR. We share this content broadly online and encourage sharing through social media, popular blogs and publishers, and basically hustle until it gets out there.

The point of all this work is not just to get the content out there – it’s to get the right story in front of the right person at the right place and the right time. When we do that, they want more. Once they want more, we can get them into an email cascade and start telling them your story.

Once you are telling them your story, they will be hooked. It’s a virtuous cycle that sees them learning more, wanting more, buying more and telling more people about you. Your company is remarkable. What we do is find all those remarkable stories, package them into articles, interviews, images and videos. Then we advertise the content to get people started.

Paid and earned media reach them, then we convert them into audience, a customer and eventually a raving fan. Who doesn’t want more raving fans? We know we do. We’d love to help you get more, too.

Tomorrow we’ll talk more about our special blend of ads, emails and content.

Talk to you then.