Meet SMACK 2.0

Five months ago, we officially launched SMACK as a digital brand studio, and a lot has happened since then. I was flipping a solo consulting business into a small agency business. This was a challenging season for us, but the team performed incredibly and we brought our clients into this new relationship without missing a beat. In fact, they all started asking more of us, and as we looked to expand our digital talent, all roads seemed to lead to the same place.

That place was Acumen Brands. I’d met John James through his partner, Terry Turpin, five years ago, right as Country Outfitters was beginning its meteoric rise. Through the years, John and I stayed in touch and talked about ways to work together. When he stepped down as CEO last year, we began to have lunch and talk about business again.

Those conversations escalated for a couple of reasons. First, we were looking for more digital talent for our team, and all the talent seemed to either work at Acumen or they just left and had big jobs at other companies – except for the talent that John brought with him into his new start-up accelerator, Hayseed; and, this was the second point reason we kept talking. John saw more than 100 start-ups in his first year and 80% of them needed help with customer acquisition. He was thinking about starting an agency of his own.

So, we decided to join forces.

SMACK is proud to announce that it is now part of the Hayseed portfolio of companies, and I am proud to have John James as my partner in the agency. We’ve found we share some key beliefs in our approach to marketing around content, audience and brands. So, we are bringing these approaches together into a content marketing company whose focus is to build audiences of raving fans for brands and converting that audience into consumers.

It’s the marketing plan that built Country Outfitters into a $100 million business, and it’s the marketing plan I’ve been using to get hundreds of millions of earned media views for Fortune 100 brands.

So, welcome to SMACK 2.0 and we look forward to working with you soon.